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In the picture: The Acting Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Mrs Zondi; KZN MEC for Health Ms N.P. Nkonyeni; the hospital Medical Manager, Dr MEL Joshua; Smith&Nephew Managing Director, Mr K. Johnson and the Secretaty for Health, KZN Department of Health, Professor R.W. Green-Thompson.

The library was named after the Smith & Nephew after the company contributed R300.000 towards the development of this library.

Telephone: (031) 2402105
Fax: (031) 2403533

Situated on the 2nd level of the Main Hospital Building.


Library services

Internet access
This service is available to access on-line medical information. The information accessed through the internet cannot be printed; instead the information can be e-mailed to the patrons. A re-writable CD or Flash disc can also be used to copy the information. The staff are required to book for the use of the internet.

Television & DVD/CD Player
The patrons can sit and use this facility without disturbing other patrons as it comes with earphones. Headphones are available and the unit is housed in a mobile cubicle.

At present the pin codes are required to make copies. Pin codes are available from the respective departments’ managers; the staff are advised to have their pin codes available in order to be able to use the photocopier. The staff will be informed as soon as this arrangement changes.

Reading & Study Facilities
The library has 30 seats for the patrons to sit and study.

Scanning facility for presentations/document

Other services

· Open access to the Library resources
· Reference assistance
· Mediated searches
· On-site and off-site access to our in-house databases
· On-site access to premium external databases
· Regular notice of recent acquisitions
· Listing of IALCH-held journals
· Information service to meet individual needs
· Copies of content page of current issues of periodicals

Inter-library Loans
The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain materials that are not available locally. The IALCH library has reciprocal agreements with other medical libraries, these libraries compliment each other by sharing the resources free of charge. Often the library has to request from other libraries at a fee. Inter-lending tariffs are available from the library.

Library Resources

Please contact the librarian for advise and to get passwords.

The KZN Department of Health libraries including the IALCH Library have come together to form a one stop information resource which is called E-Library.

The E-Library supports the Department of Health’s mission to ‘Develop a sustainable, co-ordinated, integrated and comprehensive health system at all levels, based on the primary health care approach through the district health system’, through the promotion of and access to online resources that meet the informational, educational and research needs of the health community.

The E-Library provides access to the following resources:

· Databases
· E-Books
· Catalogues
· Nursing resources
· Search tools
· Organisations

The E-library is accessible here:
In addition the Smith & Nephew Medical Library provides access to the following resources:

MD Consult operates a family of electronic information resources that meet the clinical content needs of physicians and other health care professionals.

This is the most comprehensive, searchable collection of full-text electronic South African journals in the world, focuses on making journals published in South Africa available online.

This is a useful database for the clinicians